Luminess Air Airbrushing System

You know what I’ve always wished for? Flawless skin.
 I know I’m not the only one who wishes I could wake up every day and not have a worry in the world about my appearance. Sure, I love makeup, but I also love sleep. And I HATE blemishes. Especially cause any blemish on my face takes forever to heal and leaves a dark spot for WEEKS after. #TheStruggle

That’s why I love makeup. Foundation is one product that I couldn’t live without. And if it makes me look flawless, with no cakiness, SIGN ME UP.

That’s why I fell in love with the Luminess Air Airbrush System. It comes with the full set up. A full range of colors that you can mix for your summer and winter tones, blush, illuminator, everything. 

 It’s so quick and easy and makes me look flawless, but feels like nothing on the skin. It is everything I have ever wanted. It’s super easy to use, can range from light to full coverage since its super buildable, blends easily and is so lightweight on the skin. From every day, to full glam it hasn’t failed me.  One thing I would suggest is moisturizing before hand, as it tended to feel a little dry after it all set. 


 I was worried that it would be hard to use or apply unevenly, but I swear it’s like magic. Just add a few drops of the foundation and use the stylus to mist the product over your face and you’re done in like 2 minutes. No dirty makeup brushes. No messy foundation all over the place. If I can do it, anyone can. And NOW I have a 15% off discount code: 196512977! Use it now and get yours! Thanks Luminess xo!
Have you tried Airbursh Makeup?


2 thoughts on “Luminess Air Airbrushing System

  1. I read that your face has to be totally hairless in order for the airbrush makeup to sit properly on the skin (that was in a blog by a professional makeup artist that works on brides). Have you found this to be the case? It would have been nice if you had added photos of your foundation on your skin using this system. Do you use this frequently? Daily? Nice post! Very interesting!

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    1. I do not use it daily but it could definitely be used daily. I don’t agree with your face having to be hairless. Sure, it would sit better, as any foundation would on a completely hairless face. But I didn’t find it necessary for it look nice on the skin. Thank you for your suggestion. Really appreciate your thoughts and questions! Xoxo

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